5 Popular Interior Design Styles In Scripps Ranch & Poway Real Estate


When thinking about selling your house—as well as styling a new house—any of the best Scripps Ranch and Poway real estate agents will tell you that breathing new life into a space by re-decorating can provide some new perspective to potential buyers or make you feel like the space is truly yours when you first move in. From the cool and contemporary hues in mid-century modern decor to the vibrant coastal tones of the California style, there are a ton of different ways to integrate popular interior design styles into a space. All you have to do to get started, is pick one.

Mid-Century Modern

Often considered an homage to the design styles found in homes around the middle of the last century, elements of the mid-century modern style include sharp lines and minimalist intricacies to pieces of furniture. These design elements often involve leaving things in their natural finish, so expect to see a lot of natural tones in wood furniture paired with the simplicity of modern design and fluid shapes.


Also sometimes considered French Country, this interior design style involves bringing out the pastoral side of a home and down-playing its drama. Pair textures with different shades of the same color, such as white walls with cream-colored quilt bedding combined with exposed beams. Accentuate a room by adding an antique side-sliding barn door in place of a powder room door in your home’s main area. Since the Poway area is home to so many farms and farm homes, this is a popular design style.


Also about modern simplicity, Scandanavian interior design is great for small spaces that need to be made to feel bigger. Since many homes in Nordic countries are smaller, Scandanavian design plays into spaces by offering design reminiscent to sculpture while also offering functionality and access to storage. We recommend this interior design style for spaces that need to feel bigger than they are.


Integrating a bohemian style into a space is a good way to make it feel comfortable and homey at first glance. Create a more inviting space by adding things like floor pillows and cushions or eccentric rugs to a space to give it a pop of color and style without going overboard. While a bohemian style may not be ideal for selling when it’s used in large doses, it can be a great way to integrate personal style and help invite others into your home.


Obviously popular in Southern California is capturing the laid back, natural elements of the California lifestyle. Integrate simple design with eccentric tiles and terracotta tones to bring out the elements of nature that make life in California so unique. In homes with terrace seating areas especially, this is a great way to make a home feel warm and welcoming at first glance.