What Your Poway Realtor Wants You To Know About Home Inspections

When it comes to buying a new home, or any new piece of Poway property, there is a seemingly endless list of hoops you have to jump through before everything is said and done. When you’re selling a home, though, it can be even more stressful. Home inspections can either make or break whether or not a home or property is sold when you want it to be, so if there’s anything we can do to help you get prepared as a homeowner we’ll try to do so. Below we’ve listed some of the biggest issues that Poway and San Diego area home inspectors come across when inspecting a property. Are you prepared?

First, What Does A Home Inspector Do?

Home inspectors are there to make sure that every element of the property is in good condition enough to sell. A home may be valued high based on its location and overall appearance, but fail an inspection because of a major issue that lies beneath the surface. For example, a fresh coat of paint may be appealing to an appraiser and prospective buyer, but the home inspector may find that the fresh paint is covering up a major leak or crack in the wall that extends into the properties foundation.

Common Findings In Poway Properties


Roofing is one of the first things that home inspectors look at because they can be the most costly to fix, so be aware of what condition your roof is in before you consider listing your home for sale to avoid any unexpected surprises down the line. Terracotta, slate, or concrete are common roofing materials found in Poway homes, and luckily they’re some of the more durable materials. Asphalt, while cheaper, doesn’t last nearly as long. Learn more about roofing materials here.

Issues With Sprinklers & Landscaping

While it may seem that landscaping is a cosmetic issue, it can mean the difference between a luxury and a costly mistake if there’s anything wrong with the sprinkler system. Home inspectors will want to take a look at your sprinkler system to make sure it’s not wasting any water. In California, this is especially important considering frequent draughts mean that water consumption must stay low year-round.

Lot Grading

On that note, lot grading can also impact the result of a home inspection. If your home inspector finds that any of the lot grading slopes downhill, where it can lead to water pooling around or inside the house, you may need to fix it before your home can sell. Properties with grading that slopes toward the house are more likely to face water and flooding issues inside as it will cause rainwater to drain toward the home.

Heating & Cooling

Heating may not seem like a big issue in Poway real estate, but cooling sure is. Any issues with HVAC systems should be addressed before you consider listing your home, otherwise they’re just going to have to be fixed later on. On that note, proper insulation and ventilation are other things that can have a major impact on the outcome of a home inspection.


One of the biggest problems, while it may not be the most costly, can be electrical—and we’re not talking about changing light bulbs. Making sure that every aspect of your homes electrical is working safely and is up to code. Each circuit breaker should be wired properly and able to react appropriately in the event of an electrical failure or a circuit overload.

While these may represent just a few of the most common issues that come up in home inspections, they barely scratch the surface of what a home inspector is looking for. Other things to check on before listing your home are any issues with plumbing, mold, structure, and appliances, to name a few.