The Definitive Guide To Elderly Transition Real Estate In San Diego

Everyone realizes at some point or another that they or their loved one would be better suited to living in a home or facility that is better catered to their needs as a retiree. Whether it be because of accessibility, finances, or simply the desire to live in a mild climate, there is a lot to do before fully transitioning out of a longtime home and into a senior living facility or smaller residence. Below are the top 4 things you should know about elderly transition real estate in San Diego and the San Diego area before you get started.

Consider Location & Family First

If family is important to you or your loved one, we recommend making that a top priority during this transition. All too often we see people decide that they want to move to a tropical location that they’re unfamiliar with and stuck being too far from family. What results is that people often end up feeling lonely or stressed out. If feeling close to family is important, we recommend considering living situations that will make it easy and convenient to visit with family often.

Making the transition into an elderly living situation is a major lifestyle change enough as it is, so changing climate, scenery, and culture may be too big of a shift all at once. If you have your heart set on moving to a mild climate like San Diego or Florida, consider which location would be best-suited for the lifestyle you want to have and what you enjoy about where you live now.

Work With a Specialist

Not every real estate agent is built the same. Some focus their careers on helping the elderly transition into senior living facilities, others might specialize in helping young couples find a starter home, and others may work specifically in the luxury real estate niche. Working with a specialist in elderly transition real estate can mean the difference between a stressful transition for you or your loved one and a smooth move that feels natural and relieving.

A real estate specialist can help you determine the best possible arrangement for you or your loved one’s current home, as well as help find the right place to move into. There are a lot of details involved with making the transition to an elderly living situation, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful time.

Consider Your Options

Many people dread the idea of having to sell their well-loved family home as they make the transition into an elderly living facility. If you want to keep your home but worry about paying a mortgage on top of the cost of living in a facility, you should understand that selling is not your only option. In many cases we find that families opt to rent their property out instead of selling it. This can be beneficial, as the income from renters can often pay for either the mortgage or price of a new living space, and your family gets to keep their well-loved property for years to come.

If selling is on your horizon, though, a real estate agent that specializes in elderly transition real estate can help you get the most out of your property. Both options often require a bit of updating to the property, but your real estate agent should be able to help you arrange those tasks without too much trouble. Some services even work as a full-service property manager, making it that much easier to rent your home without having to handle the day to day operations involved in being a landlord.

Start The Process Sooner Rather Than Later

Because this can be such a stressful move, it’s important to begin working on it sooner rather than later. Often these moves can take months to complete, so when you begin to feel that you would be better-suited in a different living situation, start working on it then.