Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Properties

maintenance tips

There is no shortcut when it comes to keeping your property in top condition. Landlords must put in the effort if they want to protect their investment and their tenants. Properties, especially rental ones, need to be frequently inspected and maintained due to the higher rate of normal wear and tear. What’s more, if you have a well-maintained rental, it will stand out in the neighborhood, in terms of aesthetics and the condition of amenities. 

So how are landlords maintain their rental properties? This article offers maintenance tips to ensure that your properties are protected from damages!

A Landlord’s Responsibilities 

As you lease your property, you should be aware that is a requirement of law that you maintain your property in a safe and habitable condition. Be sure to familiarize yourself with California’s landlord-tenant laws and any other state and federal rental laws. It should also be stated that no clauses in the lease agreement will remove from you the obligation of property maintenance.

That said, below are some things landlords need to do to maintain their rentals: 

Compliance to Building Codes 

Building codes apply to every form of structural project, including housing. These are legal provisions that touch on the design and construction of buildings as well as their maintenance. The requirements specified within these building codes protect the safety and welfare of the building occupants. 

building codes and safety

These codes are legally binding, therefore landlords must ensure that they follow and adhere to them diligently. Some of the requirements include the installation of plumbing and electrical work, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, ensuring structural integrity, and promptly addressing issues to do with pests and mold.

Provide Trash Receptacles 

It’s your responsibility as the landlord to provide your tenants with somewhere to place their garbage. The size of the trash bin or bag must also meet the demands of the tenants. For example, the trash bin offered to someone living alone would not meet the needs of a young family. 

Local laws and requirements might also have their own regulations with it comes to garbage receptacles and disposal. It should also be noted that because local, state, and federal laws are subject to change, landlords should make an effort to remain up-to-date on the policies. 

Frequent Inspection and Repairs 

Taking into consideration the varying maintenance needs of a property, landlords are advised to frequently inspect their property. Such a proactive measure allows them to identify any defects before they become too large and costly. What’s more, with frequent inspection, one can tell whether damage to the property is the result of normal wear and tear or a tenant’s abuse. If it’s the latter, the tenant should meet the cost of repair. 

inspecting your rental property

To maintain your property in a habitable condition, ensure that you have a qualified, reliable, and experienced contractor on standby. Knowing that you have someone you can call will put you and your tenant’s minds at ease. 

Vital Amenities

It’s your responsibility as the landlord to ensure that all vital appliances and systems are installed and are in good condition. This includes the gas, electrical, heating, and plumbing systems. As for the payment of these utility bills, you can either choose to have a non-inclusive or all-inclusive tenancy agreement. The difference is the inclusion of utility bills and other services. For the non-inclusive agreement, the tenants pay their own utility bills. 

Running Water

Regular and constant access to water will be critical to the maintenance of the unit. Water damage can be very costly to repair and if it goes unchecked it can create mold and structural damage putting tenants’ safety at risk. Your tenants also rely on running water to perform a myriad of daily tasks and they pay for that service therefore, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your pipes are in good working order. If any issues are found, then they must be repaired promptly. 

A Tenant’s Responsibilities 

While the majority of responsibilities lie with the landlord, the tenant is not without any obligations. You might find that some tenants are not aware of their legal maintenance responsibilities. You must make the tenants aware of their duties and list them clearly in the else agreement. 

cleaning a property

A tenants responsibilities to maintain the rental include:

Keep the Unit Clean

It’s the responsibility of tenants to make use of trash bins provided and dispose of all garbage. Piled-up garbage and trash can become a health hazard and also lead to possible pest infestation. The tenant should also keep the property reasonably clean. 

Compliance with Building Codes

Tenants should be made aware of building codes and adhere to them. The building codes may for example list a maximum capacity of residents. If a tenant suddenly has someone move in with them without a landlord’s knowledge this could create a safety hazard. What’s more, if a tenant wants to make repairs to their unit, they must check with the landlord first and ensure that said repairs don’t violate any codes. 

Report Problems Immediately 

If the tenant spots a potential property issue on the property, they must report the matter to their landlord immediately. After all, even with diligent and frequent inspections, no one knows the day-to-day condition of the rental like the current tenant does. 


Maintenance plays a huge part in the leasing of your rental property. Tenants appreciate and value a well-maintained property and will seek to lease the space long-term if they know the landlord is on top of it. This translates to a stable income and also a higher ROI. If you don’t have the time or handy skills necessary to maintain the property, call on experts.

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