How Poway Realtor Services Are Accommodating to COVID-19 Best Practices

In these unparalleled and stressful times, deciding how to conduct business is both uncertain and confusing. While the Centers for Disease Control have set out guidelines for business owners, most are simply operating under instinct and in ways that they know how. The real estate industry is no different, and real estate agents are working hard to come up with ways to create safe spaces for their clients while also conducting business as close to how they normally would. Here are the ways that Poway realtor services are working to accommodate the needs of their clients under the new normal.

Changes to open houses

If, for some reason, you come across an open house at any time in the near future, it will likely look a lot different than what you remember from before COVID-19. Expect to see less open houses overall as real estate brokers and homeowners aim to reduce the amount of foot traffic coming in and out of homes. If you do see an open house at some point in the future, expect to be asked to take basic precautions like wearing a mask or removing your shoes as you come inside. In general, though, those looking to list their homes or even shop for a new one can expect to see limitations put upon them throughout the showing process.

VR and virtual showings will become more common

Just as other industries are investing in ways to go digital, the real estate industry might head in that direction as well. Expect to see more virtual showings or VR tours in the future as the world acclimates to this new normal. As the virus wanes, fear surrounding it may not, and industries are having to accommodate to a new reality where public health is treated like a priority rather than an afterthought. Serious prospective buyers will likely be able to see a home in person before they buy, but for those in the early stages of the buying process or those simply perusing the market will likely be asked not to do in-person showings for the foreseeable future.

Office spaces may look different

Just like the rest of the world, the real estate industry has spent the last couple of decades moving into the open format office style to make office spaces feel more spacious and less confined. As we shift into going back to work, though, that could look a lot different in the future. Real estate agents will likely shift to a more closed off office space style once they go back to work, or begin working from home full time instead of working from an office at all.

Regardless of how the industry changes, the motives of these changes are to keep both real estate agents and their clients healthy amid a public health crisis that will likely last for the foreseeable future. However, the world must go on, and the real estate industry as a whole is looking to move forward in a way that prioritizes safety to maintain business as usual as much as possible.