4 Things To Consider During The Transition From Home Ownership To Senior Living

Are you or your loved one considering the transition from home ownership to a senior living facility? There are many benefits to making the move, especially for those with limited mobility or if the upkeep of home ownership is simply too complicated and tiresome. But what you do with your home and how you approach that level of change can be equally as stressful without the right tools. At Halcyon, we specialize in helping ease the stress that comes from this transition by meeting the client where they are. Below are four things to consider before looking into moving into a senior living facility that will make it easier to find a solution that works for you and your family.

Consider Your Finances

Often, families consider selling a home outright when their loved one transitions from home ownership to senior living. While the lump sum of cash from a sale seems enticing and easy, it’s often not the best solution. Rather than selling outright, renting may be another good option. For families that wish to pass a property down to the next generation, this is usually the best solution and can result in a greater return over time as the property may gain value while being a source of income through a rental. However, there are downsides—as renting requires a certain level of responsibility or additional expenses if you choose to hire a property manager.

Does Your Home Need Work Before Hitting The Market?

While the real estate market in the San Diego area may be doing well, that doesn’t mean that your home will sell for a high price if it needs a lot of work. If you plan to sell your property outright, it may require some basic remodeling such as painting, landscaping, or repairs before it’s ready to hit the real estate market. We can help evaluate and recommend where improvements can be made, and recommend the best service to help get those renovations done without adding too much stress. This will assure that you get the most money for your home.

Is Your Furniture Helping Sell Your Home?

In many cases, we recommend making your move before you begin trying to sell your home. If your furniture and belongings make your home feel cluttered or unpresentable to buyers it can hinder its ability to sell in a timely manner. We can help set up furniture staging for your home, assuring that each piece of furniture and decor is helping your home look the most presentable to potential buyers or renters.

Moving Is Time Consuming

Regardless of whether or not you choose to hire a staging service to sell or rent your home, you’re still going to have to move your things out of it. Sometimes this requires moving a few things into your new home at a senior living center, putting some things in storage, and selling or getting rid of other things that you have no use for anymore. We can help diminish the stress of this task by suggesting the right services that can help you get this done quickly and easily, so that you can get back to enjoying your time with your loved ones.